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Cancon 2012 + Baby

So . . . I’ve been hell busy because my son was born on the 30th of January. In an effort to get things moving my lovely girlfriend and I went to Cancon the day before, Australia’s largest annual gaming convention which happens to be in the city we live (only partly why I moved there, honest!)

We actually went mainly to support our friend Cazz’s hand-made geek-themed jewellery shop, Nerd Burger.  She sold lots of stuff to gamer girls while the rest of us sat there and drank coffee.  So if you have a gamer significant other, are a gamer girl or just like wearing necklaces with reliefs of Han Solo in carbonite on them, I recommend checking out her site.

Here we are.  From left to right: me, Cazz, Liam.

We also went crazy and bought the board-game Ticket to Ride, which is awesome, and some tiny d20s, which are equally awesome.  I wasn’t playing in the 40k this year because you know, baby at any moment, but I did give them a quick look.  I took some enormously bad photos, only one of which isn’t blurry:

A horrible photo of a really very good Necron Monolith.

I was really keen to see the Infinity tables, as last year they were amazing and they were actually what got me interested in the game.  I wasn’t disappointed:

I love the Blade Runner billboard.

I’m considering going in the Infinity tournament next year – much less commitment in terms of time and prep than the three-day 40k grind I did last year.

So yeah, Cancon was fun as always. I’m going to go and wash nappies now.

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