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Iybraesil Farseer

Well, I finished my Farseer, and I have to say I’m really stoked at how well she came out.  I want my Iybraesil Eldar to look a bit different to most Eldar armies – more weathered and ancient-looking.  I also wanted to get across the organic nature of Eldar technology.  I think I managed it.

I also wanted to make the Farseer herself look eldritch and freaky, so I used bold and less realistic colours in places.  I was going to paint bloody runes on her body but the blood-smeared hair and the scar on her leg came out so nicely that I decided not to push my luck!  Sometimes I reckon you just have to abandon your plan if it no longer seems right.

I tried to mask the canopy with vegemite so I could do the freehand, but because I was using a lot of washes the vegemite just melted and uh . . . ended up being incorporated into the weathering.  I really wanted the wraithbone to look like ancient, pitted bone.  Basically it took a million washes in tan, brown and blue, and then at the end I dabbed little drops of very watery brown paint and blew on them so they ran backwards from the nose.











The last thing I did was grab a rough grade sand paper and just scrape it over the finished canopy.  It was a bit nerve-wracking scraping sandpaper over something you just spent three hours painting but it was worth it I think.

You might also notice that the photos are a lot better than usual.  That’s because I didn’t take them!  They’re by Rhebeka Stangret.

ANUCON 2011 Results and Pics

Someone noticed the freehand on my Banewolf! I'm pretty proud of it but people usually don't see it because the colours are a bit subtle.

The full results are out from ANUCon 2011, along with some pictures people took at the event.  It turned out there were only 26 players, and I came in at a horrible 17th place overall!  I did get 29 out of 30 for sports, and 18 out of 20 for comp, but at a measly 15 out of a possible 50 battle points I won’t be moving up too many ranks from this one!  Painting was a requirement, and there was a Best Army prize based on judge’s decison, but it didn’t affect a player’s overall score.

I had a lot of fun and I think so did everyone else.  There’s been no negative feedback at all on the host club’s feedback forum thread, which as you all know is pretty amazing for the internet.

In case you’re interested all the pics can be seen here, but I’ve posted a few below of armies I particularly liked, plus some of my army, including my Death Riders (before they got broken).

I don’t actually have a full shot of my own army all ranked up – it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but until then these will have to do.  Thanks to all the photographers by the way – it’s a real kick to see someone liked your army enough to stop and take a photo. Continue reading

ANUCON 2011 Report

Australian Light Horse. It's too soon for any photos from the event so I was at a bit of a loss. You have to have a picture right?

So I played in ANUCon on the weekend, as usual doing pretty badly.  I would have been somewhere near the bottom for generalship, and somewhere much further up for sports and painting.  It was a good weekend though: a much friendlier vibe than Cancon earlier in the year. Not that Cancon was unfriendly, but there were definitely opponents who were clearly more worried about winning than about making the game fun for both of us.  That was not the case here.  Plus, drinks were provided all weekend and lunch on both days, so I recommend it if you’re near Canberra and want a friendly tournament.

Well, the good news is I actually managed to hit with my rough riders in four out of the six games.  The bad news is that in the fifth game their lances got snagged in my hoodie and one of them smashed to bits.  My sgt also lost his arm in the accident, and I never managed to find it.  These are Forge World Death Riders, about fifteen hours of painting and the pride of my army.  And spindly, annoying, fragile little bastards.

Anyway.  How was it in more detail? Continue reading

Friendly Tournament List for ANUCON 2011

So I signed up for a local 40 player tournament next weekend.  It was a bit of a snap decision, but it’s a “friendly” tournament close to my house so it looks like a good opportunity to play some people I don’t normally play.  I wanted to go in Stouthammer this year because it’s held at a bar, but unfortunately it’s on the same weekend as my sister’s wedding.

This one will have to do.  I’ve played in an ANUCON before and had a great time.  They provide sausages.  There’s also a team battle which should be awesome.  My list is at the end of this post if anyone is interested.

Tournaments in Australia use army composition penalties, presumably because we hate winners, and I like it that way – it means I can field units that meta-game analysis forbids and not be at risk of being smashed mercilessly in every game.

I guess a 1500 point tournament that doesn’t allow optimized lists (I’m serious, the TO rejects them), must seem pretty odd to any US readers.  But that’s how we usually do it.

This tournament in particular is very friendly focused.  The scores are 50% generalship, 30% sports and 20% painting, and the sports grading criteria are pretty comprehensive.  So considering I came equal first in sports points in the last tournament I played in, I might, might actually win a prize.

Bad news is that my Farseer is now on hold until I paint a few Kasrkin. Continue reading

Iybraesil Farseer Ready for Painting

I’ve been working on my Iybraesil Eldar a bit lately.  Here is my Farseer on her jetbike, undercoated with grey primer, a blue-black wash with windex and a quick spray of white undercoat to create the highlights.  I’ll be using the same watery technique as I did on my Rangers.  I’m really looking forward to painting the bloody warpaint and an image of Morai-Heg the blind crone goddess on the canopy.  Apologies for the rough photos, I lack patience.

I was originally going to use this Reaper devil lady I had lying around, with the scythe from the Empire wizard kit, but encountered several problems.

The scythe was too gothic (much better suited to Sisters of Battle), the model’s metal head was extremely difficult to remove without damaging the really thin arms, and I didn’t like her boots.  Overall it just didn’t look right.

So I green-stuffed the new Dark Elf Sorceress to some jetbike legs and shaved the thighs down. Now she’s completely under-equipped for battle in her armoured boots and bikini top, in the time-honoured tradition of fantasy heroines.

Meh.  Who needs pants when you have psychically attuned warpaint eh?

THQ Makes Me a Chump

Or, How I Paid a Hundred Bucks for a Game and Didn’t Get What I Wanted . . .

Original box art from the Rogue Trader era marines

So picked up Space Marine on Friday night, as my girlfriend and I were looking after her ten-year old brother again – the guy I played Kill Team with.  The next day I had a chance to sit down and play it properly myself, so I thought I’d put down my first impressions.  This is not going to be a technical review.  I haven’t won the game yet or anything, and there are plenty of other good traditional game reviews about, for example here and here.  I’ll just mention the things about the game that I personally found striking or disappointing on first play.

Basically I can sum the experience for me so far up like this: Great visuals and tone, poor organization.  The Campaign is great fun. The marine feels like a marine in every way, from the way he runs to the way the Guardsmen fall to their knees when he talks to them.  The combat is brutal and really fun, and the Orks are even true to the setting.  They take a lot of putting down, and really come across as tough, furious, fearless opponents.

Unfortunately there is no option for split screen play, which is how I normally like to play these games.  I don’t have the longest attention span when it comes to games, and I don’t care about finding secrets and unlocking achievements – I play games when there’s nothing better to do.  This means for me to even finish a video game I normally need to be playing with someone else, to spur me on.  I played the Halo Reach campaign with my girlfriend and Borderlands with my dad, and enjoyed them both a lot.  I can’t play Space Marine with anyone.  It’s just plain anti-social I tell you. Continue reading

What counts as a “real game?”

The discussion on my recent post about the new Sisters of Battle codex taught me something  I hadn’t really known about myself – when I play 40k I think of the games I play against my friends as the “proper games” and games I play in tournaments (and pick-ups against strangers at clubs) as training, and not really counting as real games.  This is because to me the history of adapting and learning against a particular opponent, coupled with the relaxed atmosphere of hanging with your mates brings so much more depth to a game.

Games in competitive or formal environments on the other hand tend to be standardized in format and lack context.  You meet someone, adjust to their personality (or not), play the game and move on.  I go in competitions not to win (although I try my best) but to learn and gain experience so I can unleash new tricks on my friends when we meet to play a proper game.

I can understand too though that people could think of competition games as proper games, and casual games as training.  We have some pretty decent prizes these days after all.  This recent article on Bell of Lost Souls discusses such an attitude and whether it fits what GW games have historically been.  I don’t think it does.

I guess also that if you go in competitions all the time, or play regularly at a club, the opponents may become your friends and rivals, and then you get the depth of having regular sparring partners and playing for the belt.  But most of us do not regularly make the top tables, so this situation is actually pretty rare in reality.

So what do you think?  Do you think casual games are the real games, or do only competition matches count?  Or are you a freaky sword-saint of Warhammer who never trains, but instead treats every game no matter what as the real thing?

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